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Rules & Regulations

1. Stop off provisions

  1. Inline stop offs billed at $75.00 which includes fuel surcharge.
  2. Out of line stop offs billed at $110.00 which includes fuel surcharge.
  3. If this is a multiple delivery or pick-up and the dray requires a stop off which crosses the original rail, the stop off charge will require 2 full turns per the dray.

2. Free time (top)

  1. Each full turn will receive two hours free.
  2. For multiple stops, each additional stop will have one hour free.
  3. Excess time will be billed at $15.00 per fifteen minute period.
  4. Drop and pulls if required will receive 1/2 hour free time, then billed at $15.00 per fifteen minutes for delay.

3. Driver assist and driver count (top)

  1. Driver assist is billed at $60.00 per hour or $15.00 per fifteen minute period.
  2. Driver count is billed at $60.00 per hour or $15.00 per fifteen minute period.

4. Reloads (top)

  1. When a consignee tenders a loaded trailer back to the railroad an additional charge of 1/2 of the dray will be charged.

5. Drayage rates for container terminations
which differ from origination rails.

  1. Dray charges for containers terminating to steamship line yards and L.A. Berths will be priced for 1/2 origination ramp and 1/2 ICTF dray . If harbor termination use use origination ramp, ICTF ramp add $100.00 for Harbor Rate.
  2. If chassis and containers terminate to different berths, there will be an additional $75.00 charge to terminate the chassis.

6. Lumper Service(top)

  1. If a consignee requires lumper service to unload, Tri-State requires IMC to send a com-check to to lumper service if Tri-State does not have an account with such lumper service. If IMC requires Tri-State to pay for this lumper service a fee of $25.00 will be added to the lumper charge.

7. Overweight trailers & scaling (top)

  1. Tri-State will impose a charge of $75.00 on all trailers ticketed for overweight caused by shippers exceeding legal weight limits for gross or axle weights. This charge is in addition to all tickets and fines.
  2. When requested to scale a trailer at a public scale, a charge of $85.00 plus the cost of the scale ticket will be assessed. (As long as scales are within reasonable area.)

8. Flipping charges (top)

  1. If carrier cannot pull a container from rail yard because of bad order equipment or mismatched chassis, we will immediately notify agent. If carrier is requested to flip the container to an appropriate chassis, a rate of $15.00 per fifteen minutes will be charged.

9. Trailer cleaning (top)

  1. If carrier has to steam clean trailer due to consignee not cleaning out properly, a charge of $75.00 plus the cost of cleaning will be billed, this includes a dray to the steam out facility.

10. Storage charges (top)

  1. Tri-State will charge a fee of $25.00 per calendar day for any trailer that needs to be stored overnight plus the additional stop off fee of $100.00 to go to the storage facility. (Depending on origination and storage points.)
  2. Tri-State will dray from any rail and divert to storage for a fee of $100.00 plus the storage charge to eliminate or reduce the price for railroad demurrage which may incur do to consignee not being able to receive within the allotted free time.
  3. If rail road demurge ocurs, the IMC will be asked to clear demurge. If IMC wants Tri-State to clear demurge charges, there will be a ten (10%) percent finance charge for doing so.

11. Non-billing ramp rejections (top)

  1. When an outbound trailer or container is not admitted to a ramp due to lack of correct billing, there will be 15 minutes of free time to correct the billing. After 15 minutes has expired there will be an additional charge of $15.00 per 15 minutes until equipment is admitted to the ramp. (This is as long as Tri-State has called in the correct number giving the shipper ample time to bill the equipment properly).
  2. If no one is available to advise or correct the billing problem, we will take the unit to a secure storage facility at a cost of round trip to storage depending on the origination ramp plus $20.00 per calendar day until billing is corrected.

12. Rail and stack detention (top)

  1. All Rail & Steamship equipment will be billed per each ones storage and per diem charges.  If you need this cost, please feel free to contact us for updated charges.